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About me in League of Legends


I started to play League of Legends around April 2011 after my friend got me curious, when he suddenly started to watch Live Streams one day and commented them in Skype while we chatted.

Over the course of months, I slowly got used to the game and discovered my passion for the lore of League of Legends - especially lore related to Ionia.

Because of this, you will see me playing mostly with Ionian champions or those that have an asian touch on them, with or without skin (e.g. Xin Zhao or Annie with her Panda skin).

But I also like to play with champions that have a more oriental/ancient feeling (like Nasus or Amumu) and like most other RPG-addicts I like dragons (Shyvana - who else?).

Furthermore I like to play in new and even weird ways:
E.g. playing Master Yi or Twisted Fate with the notorious Atmog's combo, to name a few.


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