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About the Pokemon:
That mischievous, little ghost with the well-known grin has been with me ever since I started to watch/play Pokemon.
As a funny matter of fact, Gengar was also the every first Pokedoll I owned, given to me by my grandparents. Good conditions for being my Pre-Elite4 Regular!
Well... except in III and V, which still hurts me retroactive, but there I had Gardevoir and Meloetta to compensate a bit. But because of those two, even if it would go against traditions, a little part of me hopes now to be able to have a team of 7 or 8 Pokemons...

About the Name:
Initally planned for my Gallade, after taking it's name "Creror" for my trainer ("crerora" is an old, latin portmanteau for both dusk and dawn) but it seemed to fit Gengar's darker theme more.

About the Catch Date:
Catched at the 13th July 2010 - My birthday in the year I started to assemble my team.

About the Playstyle:
Kind of a mix between Starter and Annoyer. Hypnosis is so versatile!
John Kleckner from Hejibits can confirm that.

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Dusk (Gengar)

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