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About the Pokemon:
Since I first saw the Ralts that the character Wally gets in the course of Ruby and Sapphire I knew that I wanted this Pokémon in my team, especially after seeing it's evolutions.
This was also the time when I put aside my childish attitude (a la "girls are dumb xP"):
Because... well... I was always convinced that Gardevoir was meant to be female... and Game Freak just forget to put it as "female only" in the game.
Anyway: While playing Ruby I often thought:
"A real male counterpart for Gardevoir would be cool. Maybe with swords and with Fight as dual-type?"
Well... Game Freak made a 14-year old boy really happy the day they released Diamond and Pearl.

About the Name:
I actually planned to name my Gallade "Creror", since I usually name my Trainer "Alex" or "Axel". After I started to name my Trainer like I named myself in the internet, I was with no name. In reference to the meaning of my internet name, I planned on naming him "Dusk" but that name went to my Gengar later as it was more fitting for him. In the end, I settled with Esper, as Gallade was still Psychic. Physical but Psychic nonetheless.

About the Catch Date:
Catched at the 17th March 2011 - Like with my Gengar, just swapped the 3 and 7 in my birthday.

About the Playstyle:
Physical Sweeper, what else?

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Esper (Gallade)

Psychic / Fight




4, 252, 0, 252, 0, 0

[coming as soon as Lv. 100]

Psycho Cut
Close Combat
Swords Dance

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